Take only Memories, Leave Nothing but Footprints.

  • Always pack out everything you bring into your campsite or into the backcountry.
  • It is your temporary home, but it has been home to many more for a lot longer. Respect their home!
  • Set your tent up in established spaces (when available). This helps keep the wild intact and the wildlife thriving in their habitat.

Keep the Wild…. Wild!

  • We all want that perfect picture, but we must give wildlife a safe distance.
  • Do not approach wildlife.
  • Do not feed wildlife.
  • Keep your pets on leash to avoid them chasing, scaring or being injured by wildlife.
  • Store your food properly in wildlife proof bags, lockers or if in the wild, hang in a tree (min. 100ft away).
  • If contact is unavoidable, be knowledgable on what to do with different encounters.
  • Make noise while hiking and STAY ON TRAIL, most animals in the wild are scared of us humans and will avoid us when they hear us!

Know How to Use your Spray

We never want to end up in a situation where we have to use our deterrent spray, but we must know how to! This is a last resort after the animal continues toward you in an aggressive manner

  • Always keep it in an easily accessible spot.
  • Back away from the animal slowly and use two hands. One thumb on the trigger and the other hand on the can.
  • Try to remain calm (easier said than done) but you want to be accurate.
  • Spray down toward the animal & don’t recoil upwards past animals head. Create a wall.
  • Take a step back, away from wall you just sprayed.
  • Leave the area as soon as possible after the threat is gone. Animals are naturally curious and may return to the area.


  • Keep your spray up-to-date, usually a 4 year shelf life.
  • Store in a moderate temperature when it’s not on your person. Nothing too hot or too cold.
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